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The menu at Zafora is inspired by the local flavors and ingredients of Santorini, with a focus on Traditional Greek cuisine, Grilled meat, seafood and locally-sourced produce.

Standout dishes include the Greek Gyros portion, served with Homemade French Fries and tzatziki dressing, Santorini Salad, Authentic Greek Famous Moussaka, Stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice, local Fried tomato balls, Grilled octopus, and the fresh catch of the day, prepared in a variety of ways to highlight the natural flavors of the fish, as well as many other stewed meat recipes from Lamb, chicken and pork.

Enjoy our Menu with top delicious Greek tastes
A Gastronomic Journey to Santorini


1) Pita / bread / garlic bread 
2)Tomato balls 
3)Baked vegetables 
4) Eggplant & zucchini fried 
5)Garlic mushrooms 
6) Eggplants rolls with feta cheese 
7)Stuffed vine leaves 
8)Fava – mashed yellow split peas
9)Potatoes fried
10)Baked feta cheese
11) Crust with feta cheese , honey, sesame seeds
12)Cheese saganaki 
13)Xaloumi cheese grilled with sweet grape jam
14)Kantaifi stuffed with yellow cheese and sweet tomatoes jam
16)Eggs fish cream salad 
17)Spicy Cheese cream salad 
18)Cheese cream salad 
19)Eggplant cream salad 
20) Potato salad 
21) Meat balls with tomato sauce
22)Sausage with cream & mustard
23)Shrimps saganaki with feta & tomato sauce orMussel
24)Mix starters * 2 tomato balls, fava, tzatziki, eggplant salad,
stuffed vine leaves, saganaki cheese, olives, pita bread, breadsticks


25) Zafora salad : green salad ,almond, dried grapes, apple,
feta cheese, sauce Zafora

26)Greek salad : tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers,
olives & feta cheese 

27)Santorini salad : small tomato, cucumber,
onion, cappers, olives, feta cheese, village bread 

28)Rocket salad : Parmesan, nuts & sun dried tomato

29)Lettuce salad : lettuce, onion, dil

30) Tuna salad : lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tuna,sauce 

31)Dakos traditional : village bread , tomato, feta, cappers,olives


32) Chicken soup



33)Seafood mix 
34)Salmon with white sauce
35) Chicken and vegetables
36) Vegetable mix 


37) Seafood mix 
38) Mushrooms and cheese 

Pasta, Saffron Risotto & Risoni


39) Shrimps 
40) Salmon 
41) Lobster 
42) Chicken with white sauce and peppers
44) 4 cheese 
45) Basil pesto & pine seeds
47) Neapolitan

Greek Delicious Specialities
Greek Delicious Specialities


48)Gemista : stuffed tomato, pepper with rice 
49)Mousaka- eggplant, potatoes, minced meat & bechamel
50)Mousaka vegetarian 
51)Chicken in the oven with potatoes
52) Rabbit with tomato sauce with potatoes
53)Lamp in the oven with potatoes
54) Imam : eggplant, garlic, tomato sauce, feta 
55) Pastitsio : pasta, minced meat & bechamel
56) Beef liver with rice
57) Meat balls with tomato sauce with rice
58) Sautéed beef and tomato sauce with rice
59)Youvetsi beef with small pasta & tomato sauce
60)Spare ribs with potatoes

*Ask the waiter about the dishes of the day


Grilled Portions

61)Mix grilled 2 person : sausages, lamb chops, burger,
chicken filet, tzatziki, tomato, onion , pita
62) Filet beef
63)Little pork chops portion
64) Chicken filet portion
65)Beef burger portion
66)Beef burger with feta cheese
67)Lamb chops portion
68)Souvlaki pork portion
69)Pork gyros portion
70)Souvlaki chicken portion
71)Chicken gyros portion
72)Sausages portion

*All individual portions are accompanied by :
fried potatoes, tomate, onion, tzatziki, pita

Mix Seafood

73 a): Mix seafood grilled 2 person :calamari , dorade , mussels,
sardines , tomato, onion , potato salad

74 b): Mix seafood 2 person : shrimps, octopus, mussels, calamari
fried , tomato, onion, potato salad

Seafood & Fresh Fish


75)Dorade grilled
76) Sea -bass grilled
77)Swordfish grilled
78) Salmon grilled
79) Small fish fried
80)Sardines grilled
81) Calamari grilled
82) Calamari fried
83)Octopus grilled
84) Shrimps grilled
85)Shrimps fried

*All individual portions are accompanied by : green salad and tomato

Our restaurant has a wide variety of Greek Drinks, Soft Drinks, Beers and Cocktails that you can order

In our fried products, we use 100% sunflowers seed oil of
excellent quality and in our cooked products and salads ,
we use extra virgin Greek olive oil !

Vegetarian Friendly Vegetarian Friendly



1) Zafora special: mille feuille,ice cream,
cr√®me br√Ľl√©e, caramel syrup
2) Backlavas
3) Kantaifi
4)Ice cream 3 balls
5)Orange pie
6) Chocolate bar with biscuits

7)Soufflé chocolate with ice cream

8)Yogurts with honey or homemade marmalade’s
9) Cheesecake

Coffee & Tea

1)Nes cafe hot
2)Nes cafe frappe cold
3)Nes cafe frappe cold with ice cream
4) Greek coffee
7) Freddo espresso
8) Freddo cappuccino
8) Tea
10) Saffron tea

11)Fresh Orange juice


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